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Har du lärt dig någe nya roliga ord, typ slang??
Jag har säkert fått en liten sydstatsdialekt, haha. Säger ju Y'all till allt och alla, lol. Tänkte göra ett inlägg senare med massa förkortningar och slang som jag använder!
Why did you want to go to USA? and did you think of going somewhere else?
I've always wanted to go to America. I guess Austrailia would've been pretty cool too but I wanted to experience the american life, high school, their culture, and especially the language!
What state or city did you want to go to?
I didn't really care where I was placed and that's why I didn't wish for a specific state. Of course it woud've been cool live in California, Florida or close to New York or any big city but like I said in my previous post, it's all about the people you live around.
Do you like your exchange year so far?
What has been the best/worst experience of your year?
Best: Getting to know new amazing people
Worst: Missing home
Do you think this year is gonna change you as person?
Uhm, it's kinda hard to say right now but I would guess I'm more open and not as shy around new people.
What's your expectations of your lasts months in America?
I'm so excited!!!!!!!! 19 days until Colorado, 68 days until my family comes to visit, 80 days until my 19th birthday and the Caribbean cruise we're going on in may!
What do you do if you're having a hard time? Like missing home or problems with your family etc.
I try to think about something else and talk to people around me or I just listen to music and look at pictures from home, haha, probably not the best thing to do but whatever, lol. And I haven't really had any problems with my host family.
Do you like American food and people? Are they different than in Sweden?
The food here down in the south is soooooooooo spicy but I like most of it. My favorite food in America is Taco Bell, yes, sad but true. Americans are very polite and open people. Like if you're in Walmart or wherever people just start talking to you. That doesn't happen in Sweden lol. And I miss swedish food!! Potatisbullar, palt, bullens korv, risoni sallad och kyckling♥, mammas vegitariska lasange m.m.
What are you going miss when you go home if you can't say people?
The language, shopping and Taco Bell♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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